Knowing God

Intellectual, emotional, spiritual and even physical obstacles prevent us from knowing God. Maybe the Biblical concept of God and Jesus seem outdated... too child-like or unsophisticated for modern thought. Perhaps something or someone connected with church has left you with a negative association to God. Maybe your prayers were not answered as you desired, causing a sense of rejection or betrayal between you and God. Even spiritual oppression can produce sub-conscious mental or abrupt physical reactions (sickness) at the prospect of attending church services. These obstacles keep many away from knowing the truth of God's love.

We ask that you keep an open mind and heart, ignoring the road blocks that hinder you from knowing God. Allow God to come to you. In James, chapter 4, verse 8 it says, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." In Jesus' parable of the prodigal son, God, symbolized by the waiting father, went running to meet and embrace his long lost son who approached home after a time of rebellion. God waits patiently wanting you to take one step toward Him. God loves you and wants personal relationship with you; however He will never force Himself upon you. He has granted us free will (Genesis 4:6-8).

Take your FIRST STEP